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Steel Testing Stethoset

Steel Testing Stethoset

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The Deluxe Steel Stethoset is an invaluable tool used to easily test hearing instruments. Made of durable steel, this stethoset easily expands and adjusts for a comfortable fit. This stethoset comes complete with Part B for instant performance checks of hearing instruments, alerting you to weak and/or distorted hearing aids in need of repair or a new battery. 

Perfect for parents to easily test a child's aid before school each morning - ensuring their hearing device will perform properly throughout the day. Testing takes only 30 seconds! 

Product Features:

  • Compatible for testing all types of hearing aids
  • Durable, steel design
  • Attachment 3412C is used for large size canal aids
  • Body aids may also be tested by detaching the tubing and snapping the receiver directly into the socket. 

Replacement Parts & Accessories: 


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