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Steth-O-Mate (Versatile) - View to Select Large or Small


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For doctors or other medical professionals who rely on hearing aids, basic daily tasks like using a stethoscope are oftentimes difficult. That's why we offer Steth-O-MateStethoscope Adapters for medical practitioners who wear CIC or ITC hearing aids. Available in two sizes (0.450" and 0.700") to accompany a variety of needs, these Stethoscope Adapters are designed to make your job easier day after day. No more struggling to hear patients' heartbeats — just slip these adapters on in place of your stethoscope's eartips and you'll be ready to go.

Designed to fit the most stethoscopes. The exception is the Littman stethoscopes (Littman 3100 and Littman 3200which should use the Steth-O-Mates designed for the Littman.

Product Features

  • Designed to fit over stethoscope eartips
  • Accommodates CIC or ITC hearing aids
  • Each package contains one pair
  • Choose size:
    • Small (0.450)
    • Large (0.700)
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