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Sweat Band - Slim Series - Medium - View to Select Color

Hearing Aid Sweat Band - Slim Series - Medium

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Virtually anyone who wears a BTE can benefit from the Hearing Aid Sweat Band. Great for runners, golfers, walkers, skiiers, and anyone who perspires or works in a dusty environment.

The Slim Series is best for new, slim style hearing aids. Medium Slim Sweat Bands fit BTE Hearing Aids 1.25" to 1.5"

* Keeps hearing aid clean and dry
* Outer layer repels moisture
* Inner layer wicks moisture away from the hearing aid
* Creates a wind screen for the microphone
* Can operate hearing aid controls with the Sweat Band on
* Slips on easily without tools
* Reusable - handwash, air-dry
* Two Sweat Bands per pack

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