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TR75VR Phone/Videophone Signaler

TR75VR Phone/Videophone Signaler

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Sonic Alert added a flash code switch to their popular TR75 telephone signaler so you can select from three different flash patterns. The new Sonic Ring Videophone signaler, TR75VR is designed especially for people who use videophones. This new signaler is a transmitter that allows you to choose a distinct flash pattern for the phone equipment you connect to: telephone, TTY, fax OR videophone.
Features of the TR75VR:

  • Flash pattern switch with three choices
  • Works with all Sonic Alert Legacy receivers
  • Lamp can be used for signaling or normal room lighting
  • Green indicator light reminds you to turn on the attached lamp
  • Unique plug-outlet allows you to keep your table uncluttered by unsightly lamp cords
  • Extra long 15' phone cord to reach phone outlets
  • Five-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Note: The TR75VR with work for any ONE of the following: videophone, fax, phone or TTY. Each additional device, videophone, fax or TTY would require it's own (additional) signaler.
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