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True Fidelity Wireless IR TV Hdphnes (IR249TP)

True Fidelity Wireless IR TV Hdphnes (IR249TP)

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Advanced Technology for TV Listening
The Personal Sound TV listening system incorporates award winning LINX AUDIO technology to enhance the clarity of speech along with interference-free infrared transmission to provide unparalleled sound quality. Lightweight, adjustable headphones turn off when removed from the head.


More information
  • Patented LINX AUDIO sound processing
  • Compact, low-profile transmitter
  • Wireless headset receiver
  • 20 – 20,000 Hz frequency response
  • Stereo 2.3/2.8 MHz infrared signal
  • Reception range of 30 feet
  • Auto-off headphone feature
  • (3) amplification range settings
  • (2) AAA batteries (included) last 50 hours


Original price: 129.99
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