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Uniphone 1140

Uniphone 1140

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Telephone and TTY with Advanced Features

  • Telephone handset with volume control - 20 dB gain
  • Direct telephone line connection and keyboard dialing
  • Call progress display says "ringing" or "busy"
  • Ideal for people who use both VCO or HCO
  • Auto ID(tm) and Turbo Code(tm)
  • 2 line, 48-character LCD display
  • Hearing aid compatible handset
  • 8k memory for storing conversations and messages
  • 10 speed-dial keys and specially marked emergency dial keys
  • Built-in ring flasher indicates incoming calls
  • Programmable auto-answer for text messages
  • Display with backlight clearly displays text
  • Port to connect optional external printer

One-year manufacturer's warranty

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