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Value Pack PPA VP 37

Personal PA Value Pack System - PPA VP 37

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The Personal PA Value Pack System from Williams sound easily broadcasts a speaker's voice, music program or audio service up to 1,000 feet to a listening audience. Participants who are using the PPA Select single-channel receiver (4 included in this system) with the included earbuds can comfortably listen to the broadcast at a volume that is set by each user on the individual receivers. 

The T27 transmitter features an LED display panel and push-button channel selection for easy operation. This system has 17 available channels and operates on 72-76MHz, and is compliant with 2010 ADA guidelines for hearing assistance. 

Williams Sound covers this product with a Lifetime PLUS Limited Warranty. 

The Personal PA Value Pack System (PPA VP 37) includes: 

  • 1x PPA T27 Transmitter
  • 4x Select PPA R37 Receivers
  • 4x AA batteries 
  • 4x Single Mini Earbuds 
  • 2x Neckloops
  • 1 Wall Plaque 
  • 1 Audio Cable 
  • 1 Antenna 
  • 1 Power Supply 
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