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Vanish DIY Tube Tinting Kits


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Vanish is an exciting new product that greatly reduces the visibility of your hearing aids by coloring and extinguishing the reflectivity of your RIC and thin wire hearing aid tubes. This scientifically formulated, non-toxic dye produces nine blending skin tones: 


The DIY kit includes everything you need to easily dye your tubes at home, including a skin tone color-match chart for easy application. 

The application is easy! Detailed, step-by-step instructions will walk you through the 6-step process. Vanish is available in light and dark skin tone kits - please refer to the color wheels below to make sure you are selecting the kit that best meets your desired tone: 

The LIGHT kit will allow you to tint your tubes any of the following six skin tones: 

The DARK kit will allow you to int your tubes any of the following three skin tones: 



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