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Vigor Bluetooth PSAP

Vigor Bluetooth PSAP

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The Vigor Bluetooth PSAP provides you with the flexibility to fully control your device using the free Smartphone app! This amazing app allows you to set the position of your Vigor PSAP (left or right), adjust bass/treble, change the program and view your battery level! 

The Vigor Bluetooth PSAP offers four pre-programed settings: 

  1. Program 1 (1 beep) - Speech mode (perfect for conversations) 
  2. Program 2 (2 beeps) - Restaurant mode. As the name suggests, this program is ideal for use in busy environments such as restaurants where background noise makes it difficult to hear conversations happening at your own table. 
  3. Program 3 (3 beeps) - Road noise. This program is ideal for use while in-transit, isolating specific sounds while blocking out others. 
  4. Program 4 (4 beeps) - Outdoor sound. This program is recommended for use while you are enjoying outdoor activities, where you want to enjoy the sounds of nature while still being able to hear conversation from those around you. 

As with all PSAP, the specific use for each program is a guide only - you may switch between the available programs to find the setting that is ideal for you in any environment. 

Product Features: 

• 100% digital processing for exceptional sound quality
• Up to 30dB amplification, plus adaptive feedback cancellation
• Low power consumption for increased battery life, plus battery data available on the app!
• Layered noise reduction reduces environmental noise
• Comfortable behind-the-ear (BTE) style
• Four listening programs at the touch of a button
• Low battery warning
• 60-Day RISK FREE GUARANTEE + 1-year warranty

Each Vigor PSAP includes 1 sound amplifier, standard sized tubing, 2 domes, 1 cleaning brush/wax loop/battery magnet tool and a convenient carrying case to protect your hearing instrument when not in use. 

Screenshots from the FREE App: 


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