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Williams Sound Digi-Wave™ System PCS1

Williams Sound Digi-Wave™ System PCS1

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New digital technology makes it easier to hear in everyday situations by reducing background noise and compensating for poor room acoustics or distance from the sound source. • Beneficial for an array of personal listening scenarios – simply place the DLT 100 2.0 near the sound source or clip the microphone on the person speaking • Purchase additional transceivers (DLT 100 2.0) when more than one person needs to speak • Purchase additional receivers (DLR 60N 2.0)when more than one person needs to listen • Range up to 200 feet indoors/100 feet outdoors • Patented frequency-hopping technology minimizes interference from other devices • System includes: Transceiver, Receiver, MIC 090 lapel mic, Earphone EAR 041, AAA alkaline batteries, and system carry case • Silicone skin • Use with earphones, headphones or neckloop (sold separately) • Two year manufacturer’s warranty

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