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Wireless (Bluetooth) SleepPhones

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SleepPhones® Wireless are traditional headphones made bed-friendly with no cords!

SleepPhones® were designed by a family doctor and are great for falling asleep and staying asleep.


  • Surround yourself in an ultimate sound experience– without disturbing, or being disturbed by, the person next to you
  • Fall asleep faster, stay asleep better and wake up refreshed
  • Reduce ambient noise, conversations, traffic sounds and snoring
  • No painful earbuds, awkward headphones, or uncomfortable pillow speakers
  • Stream audio wirelessly via Bluetooth® technology
  • Get a good night's sleep naturally, without medications
  • Reduce symptoms of tinnitus while you sleep


  • Bluetooth technology wireless range: 15-30 feet (5-10 meters)
  • Easily pair/sync with smartphones, computers and most other Bluetooth®-compatible devices
  • Amplifies up to 107dB +/- 3dB
  • Rechargeable battery life: up to 13 hours for a full night's sleep
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Built-in volume and play/pause controls
  • Ultra-low power, safe radio frequency (RF) emissions
  • Removable speakers in a hypoallergenic, machine washable fabric headband
  • One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Fabric Options: 

  • Fleece Headband (95% polyester, 5% spandex) - Available in Midnight Black, Soft Gray, and Lavender 
  • Breeze Headband (breathable, moisture-wicking material) - Available in Pitch Black and Royal Blue
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