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3 Things You Should Consider When Choosing A Bed Shaker Alarm

The good news is that you can recreate your very own tiny earthquake in the mornings with a bed shaking alarm clock if, for you, the expression "It takes an earthquake to get me up" is less of an overstatement and more of a precise statement of fact. The greatest bed shaker alarm clocks, in contrast to standard alarm clocks, have a vibrating mechanism positioned underneath your mattress or pillow that, when activated by the alarm, will genuinely shake your entire bed. Although the vibrations might not exactly knock you to the ground, they will be strong enough to jolt you awake.

Bed Shaker Alarms

These bed shaker alarms have additional features, such as lights, to assist you in waking up and can be used with or without sound. They are therefore the perfect options for those who are hard of hearing or who do not want to wake up their partners or roommates in the morning with a loud alarm. Yes, they are also good for people who sleep quite heavily. There are several alarm clocks available thatΒ  have a variety of programmable settings; examples include: light alarms, noise modifications, and changeable settings. Below are a few other considerations that we advise you to consider as you search for the ideal bed shaker alarm clock.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bed Shaker Alarm

  • Size

There are a variety of sizes and form factors to accommodate all needs. Whether it is a larger, bedside alarm clock that is larger and easy to see, or as small and simple as a Bluetooth bed shaker for maximum portability.

  • Settings

In addition to customizable settings for noise level, display brightness, and vibration strength, vibrating clocks often have a range of three or more vibration intensities. The more customizable options there are, the easier it will be for you to personalize your alarm.

  • Ease of Use

We give preference to straightforward, user-friendly products that need little setup or fiddling, as we do with most things. A great difference is made by small design details like an extra-large snooze button.

Who Should Use Bed Shaker Alarms

Bed shakers are viable options for a plethora of users. The bed shaker, which may be placed under a pillow or a mattress, vibrates to jolt someone out of sleep so they do not miss work, school, or other crucial events. Alarm clocks with vibrations are an efficient methodto wake you up. Those who stand to benefit from bed shaker alarm clocks include heavy sleepers or people who have hearing impairments.

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