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ADCO Hearing Products offers all the earmold tubing and supplies you need to craft custom earmolds for patients and begin treating their hearing loss. Our selection of tubing, reamer kitsimpression materialscustom earmold kits, and other essential tools is carefully curated to help you improve efficiency when creating earmolds for hearing aids. 

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality customer experience and products in the industry. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to leave us a review telling us how your experience has been. If you have any questions about our products, please don't hesitate to contact us

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Tubing Retention System Dry-Tube 13 Thick
SKU: 3247 13T
#13 Thick Tubing with Invisilock
SKU: 1280
Preformed DisappEar Tubing (Color A/B - Pink)
SKU: 3227 12S
Tube Lock Assembled - Gold Lock - #13 Double Wall Tubing
SKU: 3556
Tubing Retention System (TRS) Tubing
SKU: 3231 13DW
Tubing Retention System (TRS) Stay Dry Tubing # 13 Thick
SKU: 3247 13T
Stay-Dry Tubing
SKU: 3250 13DW
Preformed DisappEar Stay Dry Tubing - Color A/B (Pink)
SKU: 3380 13M
Tubing Cement
SKU: 3522
Heavy Cement for Acrylic Earmolds
SKU: 3574
Thin Cement for Acrylic Earmolds
SKU: 3575
Double Bend Earmold Tubing - All Sizes
SKU: 3011 12S
Tube Lock Plus (TLP) - Plastic Lock Only
SKU: 2672 E
Vibrant Color Tubes w/ MicroLok, #13 Thick
SKU: 3165 B
Stay-Dry Libby Horn Tubes
SKU: 3161 3
Libby Horn Tubes
SKU: 3162 3
Preformed DisappEar Tubing (Color C - Brown)
SKU: 3228 12S
Single Bend Tubing - All Sizes
SKU: 3233 12S