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Keeping water and moisture out of your ears is important for people who rely on hearing aids, as well as those who frequently experience ear infections or discomfort due to water in the ear. That's why we offer a variety of hearing aid cover options, ear plugs and water removal pads to combat swimmer's ear, perspiration and other issues related to moisture buildup in and around the ear. Shop our selection of moisture protection products now to experience comfortable relief while enjoying your favorite activities!

54 products found in Moisture Protection & Wax Management

PerfectDry Lux - Hearing Aid Disinfection and Drying System
SKU: 1198
Dry-Brik II Desiccant
SKU: 3339
Super Dri-Aid
SKU: 3313 EA
Large Replacement Desiccant for Hearing Aid Dehumidifier
SKU: 7626 D
PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System
SKU: 1199
PerfectClean Solution Refill
SKU: 1199 R
PerfectDry Smart Dryer
SKU: 1226
Jodi Filters
SKU: 3126
Jodi-Pro Hearing Aid Vacuum
SKU: 3128
Jodi Vac Blue Replacement Needle for Thin Tubes
SKU: 3131
Jodi Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum
SKU: 3132
Jodi Vac Replacement Needle - BTE #16
SKU: 3133
Jodi Vacuum Needle #19 ITE, ITC, CIC
SKU: 3134
Jodi Reamer
SKU: 3138
Dry Spot Dehumidifier
SKU: 3312
Super Dri-Aid - 6 per Case
SKU: 3313
Mini Super Dri Aid (8/box)
SKU: 3315
Mini Dri Aid
SKU: 3316