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Ear Models & Ear Charts

It's important that hearing specialists and their patients understand how the ear works in order to diagnose and treat hearing problems. That's why ADCO offers an assortment of handy ear models and hearing loss charts for your office or classroom. Our informative ear models and diagrams are ideal for audiologists, otologists, sign language teachers and other hearing loss professionals. We carry a variety of educational products including inner ear anatomy diagrams and audiogram tear sheets to suit your specific needs, and we welcome customer feedback on any of our products. If you have questions or need more information to assist you in the buying process, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

9 products found in Ear Models & Ear Charts

Audiogram TearOff Tablet
SKU: 6952
The Ear TearOff Tablet
SKU: 6951
The Ear Flip Book Notepad
SKU: 6954
The Ear-Organs of Hearing & Balance
SKU: E120
Ear Nose and Throat
SKU: E123
Four-Part Ear Model
SKU: E124
Blueprint for Health Your Ears Chart
SKU: E125
Giant Student Ear Model
SKU: E104
Budget Giant Ear Model
SKU: E105