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For Veterans

Many veterans may suffer from any of the different types of hearing loss later on in life. A lot of you who are registered under Veterans Affairs or VA healthcare will be interested to know if you are covered for hearing aids. Here are other things veterans suffering from hearing loss must know about what to do in this situation.

If You Believe You Have Hearing Loss

You should contact your local VA medical center to schedule a hearing test. This is if you have already been registered for VA health care. From the results of the hearing test, the VA audiologist will determine whether or not you are a candidate for hearing aids or other types of hearing assistive devices. Once these devices are recommended, you never have to worry about paying for one, and even when having it repaired in the future. Make sure you maintain VA eligibility for care, though, in order to enjoy such benefits.

Who Are Entitled for Hearing Aids from VA?

The VA will provide you with high quality hearing aids, and also assist you with the maintenance of these devices, whether cleaning, making adjustments, or even replacing batteries. The list of eligible veterans includes the following:

  • Purple Heart recipients
  • Those whose disabilities are service-connected
  • Those who are rated in need of regular assistance or aid or those who are permanently housebound
  • Former Prisoners of War
  • Those whose hearing impairment problems are severe enough that they already interfere with their daily living or even their medical treatment
  • Those whose hearing impairment results from a medical condition or disease for which they are getting VA disability or care.

Types of Assistance Given to those who Qualify

There are two types, namely:

  • Low-cost or free hearing health care covering hearing aids via VA health benefits
  • Tax-free payments (monthly) via VA disability compensation

VA Service-Connected Disability

If you think your hearing loss problem resulted during your years of service in the U.S. military, expect that you may be eligible for disability compensation. With this, you will receive a certain amount as compensation on a monthly basis. Learn more about VA disability compensation to easily start the claims process. Once your claim is approved, you will automatically be eligible for VA hearing care as well.

What if There is No VA Hearing Clinic Near You?

You can visit a VA Community Care if this is the case. You can do so as well if you have been waiting too long for your turn to get an appointment to the nearest VA facility to your residence. You may also use the VA teleaudiology program designed for veterans who are already having problems when it comes to traveling far.

For those of you who have taken a hearing test and have been diagnosed with normal hearing, and yet you still find it hard to understand speech, you may already be suffering from an auditory processing disorder. This is a different issue that has a different coverage under VA. When this is the case, feel free to ask about your benefits, and what you can do to lessen the burden.

The VA offers a convenient location finder online, which you may use to find a provider in your area: