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Our selection of TV Amplifiers and Accessories will allow you to finally watch TV comfortably - at your own volume - without disturbing others in the room. A radio-frequency based amplifier allows you to move around and even listen to the TV through walls! The Sennheiser 880 is a great solution for those who like to sit on the couch or recliner and directly watch television. Not sure where to start? Check out our guide on selecting the best TV Listening System to meet your needs (plus a handy comparison chart to make your selection easier!).

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Sennheiser Set 880
SKU: 6564
Sennheiser Set 860
SKU: 6565
Sennheiser RR800 - Additional Receiver for Set 860 and 880
SKU: 6564 R


Sennheiser Flex 5000 TV Listening System (HD4.20s Headphone Bundle)
SKU: 6710 B2
Sennheiser Set 860/880 Replacement Earpads
SKU: 6752 SM
Digital to Analog Converter
SKU: 3028
Sennheiser Rechargeable Battery (BA-300)
SKU: 6631

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Sennheiser RS185 Wireless RF TV Listening System
SKU: 7202
Sennheiser Flex 5000 TV Listening System
SKU: 6710
Portable Wireless TV SoundBox by Serene Innovations
SKU: 6545
Sennheiser Rechargeable Battery (BA-90)
SKU: 6628
Neckloop EZT100
SKU: 6634
Y-Cable Audio Adapter (RCA)
SKU: 3030

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Sennheiser RR5000 Headphones
SKU: 6709 R

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Sennheiser RS 2000 TV Listening System
SKU: 6711

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Geemarc CL7350 Amplified TV Headset and Extra Receiver Bundle
SKU: 6481 B
Geemarc CL7350 OPTICLIP TV Listening System
SKU: 6480
Sennheiser Flex 5000 + Stereo Neckloop Bundle
SKU: 6710 B3

  Types of TV Listening Systems for Hearing Loss Amplification

    • Infrared (IR) - this is the oldest type of sound signal, and one that we no longer sell. However, if you are considering an infrared system keep in mind that you MUST maintain line-of-sight. If you turn sideways or walk out of the direct transmission path, you will no longer have a sound signal.
    • Radio Frequency (RF) - this is the most common option used today and does NOT require a direct line-of-sight path. In fact, you can easily walk around without losing the sound from your device.
    • Bluetooth - This signal is quickly becoming more popular for TV listening systems, and generally provides added flexibility of connecting to multiple sound sources. While there aren't too many products in this category (yet!), this is a high-quality option worth considering.

  Benefits of Using Assistive Technology for TV Listening Situations

Using assistive technology in any situation allows those living with hearing loss to enjoy activities regardless of the situation. Where TV listening is concerned, the biggest challenge we hear is a shared household where the loud volume (as a necessity for the individual living with hearing loss) is causing conflict for others in the home. If you find that you are turning up the TV to a volume that is uncomfortable for others, or if you are choosing not to turn it up and are struggling to hear as a result, a TV listening system is the perfect solution for you. Benefits include, but are certainly not limited to:

    • Sound customization such as tone control, allowing you to tailor YOUR sound to meet your unique hearing needs
    • Added amplification with independent volume control means that you can listen at a volume that is right for you while others in the room can adjust the volume to meet their needs
    • Provides solutions for individuals whether you use hearing aids or not (many users prefer to replace hearing aids with a TV listening system while enjoying TV or movies)
    • Family participation! The biggest benefit is that you can once again be a part of time with your family or friends. Stop stressing over volume and enjoy time together.

  Other Types of Assistive Technology to Consider...

A TV Listening System often opens your eyes to the amazing world of assistive technology. Here at ADCO we offer a vast selection of assistive devices for daily use:

    • Personal amplifiers: These devices amplify speech and allow for sound modification such as tone control, allowing you to freely and confidently participate in conversations.
    • Amplified telephones: If you're struggling to hear on the phone, an amplified telephone may be the perfect solution for you. Functioning exactly as a traditional telephone, these devices increase the sound, offer tone control, and can even slow down the speech to a pace that is easier for you to hear.
    • Alarm clocks: Are you frustrated by not hearing your alarm clock on time? Or perhaps the volume on your alarm is waking up others in your home? An amplified alarm clock offers much more than amplification. With versitile alerting options you can be woken up with flashing lights and/or vibration in addition to, or instead of the audible alarm.

We have thousands of products in stock to meet your unique needs. Finding the right product may feel overwhelming, but rest assured that our product experts are happy to assist you in any way to find the ideal products. Please feel free to call us at 800-726-0851 or email for additional information or assistance.