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Have ordered batteries and cleaning wipes as well as an amazing hearing aid case. The case makes it so much easier to store both hearing aids in one place at night and when I travel. Am proud to purchase from a Vet owned business and find prices, shipping time/cost all very reasonable. Both the catalog and online make ordering easy.


When I get the wipes from ADCO to clean my hearing aids. It got them super clean and wiped the ear wax with ease. I thought that was pretty cool.

Veronica L

You're website is easy to access and has many items to purchase that is very helpful to many deaf or hard of hearing people.


You all have been tremendously helpful since 2014 to me and my family. With my elderly Mom's hearing loss and having only 12% hearing. Your staff lovingly suggested things to help improve her quality of life. These have been invaluable. I am grateful for ADCO.


I share info about ADCO whenever my lip reading students, hearing challenge coach clients, or others in the hearing challenge world are in discussion about assistive listening devices. Would love a new catalog (or more) to share at my talks, too. Always coming out with new things and staying competitive


I found the wipes to be convenient and economic. So glad I found the dispensable container. Much less expensive than individual packets!


Excellent products. It is wonderful to have a source for such a variety of products.

Patricia Banda

Years ago when I was in school you had the books that I needed. The gifts and things for the children was also nice to see and have. I learned a lot from that. Now that I'm older I need other things to make my life better. Its nice to know that I just have to go to you and you have all that I need.


The Hearing Loss Association of America - Indianapolis Chapter is grateful that ADCO donated clear/window masks to us during the COVID pandemic. We were able to distribute them to members and those they communicate with the most, plus others who showed an interest. Clear masks show the face and allow for lip/speech reading.


"Music is a big part of my life and because I have hearing in only one ear, using ear buds meant I got half the sound. With the ADCO single ear bud, I get all the sound in one ear!!!!"