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One trusted source for everything you need.
Tinnitus Relief
Sound therapy for the frustrating ringing is here
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Vibio is a wireless bed shaker that connects to any mobile device (or tablet) via Bluetooth. It comes with a free app which allows usage of multiple alarms, vibration power and allow notifications from calls or messages. Vibio is the ideal portable alarm clock for heavy sleepers and for the deaf and hard of hearing.

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Understanding Tube Dimensions

Earmold tubing is commonly used and replaced by patients at home, yet finding the correct tube size is not always the easiest task. The information in this article serves as a resource to better un...

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How to Choose a TV Listening System

Watching movies and television is a past time that we all enjoy, yet those living with hearing loss often find themselves struggling to participate or enjoy this activity. Do you find yourself turn...

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Hearing Health = TOTAL Health

Did you know that hearing healthcare is an important piece of your overall health? Many dismiss the signs of hearing loss early on, associating it unfortunately with the stigma around aging. While ...

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Understanding ADA Compliance

 ADA compliance can be a confusing subject and is one of the focuses of our team here at ADCO. For those not familiar, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides protections to individuals...

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Are you interested in exclusive offers, unique promotions and advance notification on new product releases? Sign up for our VIP program today!  Its quick, easy, free and you can opt-out in the fut...

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2021 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Let's face it - nothing about 2021 has been predictable. Unfortunately this seems to be carrying on into the holiday shopping season with the anticipated shortages, lengthy delivery times, and unav...

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How to Choose the Right Personal Amplifier

Personal amplifiers are one of our top-searched products, and all of the products you see on our website in this category have been heavily vetted prior to being added to our selection. What does t...

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What's the Difference Between All These Clips?!

What's the Difference Between All These Clips?! Hearing aid loss prevention seems like a simple product to navigate on your own, yet we receive countless questions each month from curious customers...

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How to Choose the Right Cordless Amplified Telephone

One of the most frequent phone calls we receive here at ADCO is in regards to our phone selection. At first glance, this is quite overwhelming. Not only are there so many options, but its difficult...

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Back to the Basics: How to Clean Your Hearing Aids

Back to the Basics: How to Clean Your Hearing Aids Proper care and maintenance of your hearing aids is important for two primary reasons: it reduces the bacteria and dirt on the device itself tha...

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Enjoy the television at a volume to meet your needs, without impacting others in the room. Finally a family-friendly solution to enjoying TV and movies regardless of your hearing needs.



I've bought many alerting devices from you, and appreciate the convenience of being able to see them and discuss them with you before buying.

Joan D.

Excellent and reliable items to choose from and remarkable customer service!

Stephanie A.

A few years ago I was working with local Lions Clubs to help give families with deaf children strobe smoke alarms and ADCO helped support this needed cause by giving us a greatly appreciated bulk price break that allowed us to help even more families.
Thank you ADCO!

Kathy R.

I absolutely love ADCO. I have made purchases for myself as well as my daughter. Also, from the watches, to the alarms and to the games - I highly suggest ADCO for any purchases you are in need of.

Irene C.

I have brought my alarm clock it has been amazing it helps wake me up when there are early days that I have to go to work. Its amazing!

Melissa C.

I was impressed with the quality and prices plus fast service. I am retired U.S.Army and have told all my friends about ADCO.

John G.

Adco staff are well-informed about products and ready to listen and offer the best product or products for my needs. Thank you.  

Mary M.

ADCO is the best company you can trust and get good deal. They sell the best products we as deaf and HOH need.

Carol K.

I appreciate all you do and the service you provide.  I have needed a variety of items in the past and they have made my life a little easier.  Thank you.  I know I will return for newer products in the future.

Beverly C.


The products, the expertise and the service that those living with hearing loss rely on to stay connected and independent. Enjoy the sounds of life with ADCO's products for deaf and hard of hearing.

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