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YogaSleep is the new brand name for the well-known and well-trusted Marpac and Marsona brand products. ADCO has been offering tinnitus and sleep management solutions for decades, and Yogasleep products are our most-recommended. These products, including the Dohm, are widely used for speech privacy as well. Whether you are looking to aid in HIPAA compliance with sound masking, or suffering with ringing due to Tinnitus - the Yogasleep masking products can help. 

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Marsona Dohm-DS Sound Screen
SKU: 7001 W
Marsona 1288A Tinnitus Masker
SKU: 7005
Marsona Battery Pack
SKU: 7012
Marsona 1288A Tinnitus Masker + PS2 Pillow Speaker Bundle
SKU: 7005 B
Dohm® Connect App Controlled Sound Machine
SKU: 7006
Marsona DS-600A
SKU: 7004
Marpac Zohne
SKU: 7014
Marpac DS600 Tinnitus Masker + PS2 Pillow Speaker Bundle
SKU: 7004 B
Marpac Whish
SKU: 7036