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The diagnosis process is crucial to your patient's health and well-being. Good equipment makes a worlf of difference when determining the cause or extent of a patient's hearing loss. That's why ADCO offers only the best assortment of diagnostic equipment and supplies to help you have a better testing experience. We offer state-of-the-art equipment from trusted names in the industry, such as Kendall e-monitoring electrodes, as well as Precision blue and yellow probe tubes and E-A-R Link Tips.

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Interacoustics Eartips
SKU: 3287 10
E-A-R Link Tips - Standard Yellow (3A)
SKU: 3274 ST
E-A-R Link Tips - Small Beige (3B)
SKU: 3274 SM
3M E-A-RTONE Insert Earphone 3A Replacement Tube Nipples
SKU: 3148
E-A-R Link Tips Economy 750 Package (3A)
SKU: 3276 ST
Multi-Size (Flanged) Single Use Eartips
SKU: 3301 10
Otodynamics OAE Pediatric Eartip
SKU: 3300 35
Sanibel ADI Silicone Mushroom-Shaped Eartips (100/pkg)
SKU: 1165 3-5
Etymotic OAE Foam Eartips
SKU: 2518
Precision Yellow Probe Tubes
SKU: 2514
E-A-R Link Tips - Jumbo (24/pkg) (3C)
SKU: 3275

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Universal Hearing Screener
SKU: 3875
Sanibel Foam OAE Eartips
SKU: 1451 100
Precision Blue Probe Tubes - 120/package
SKU: 2512
Madsen Otometrics Eartip Set Small TS281
SKU: 3281
Clinical Single Use TS212 Eartip Set Large
SKU: 3297

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3M E-A-RTONE Insert Earphone 3A
SKU: 3141 10
3M E-A-RTONE Insert Earphone 3A Replacement Sound Tubes
SKU: 3147