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Electronic Hearing Aid Dryers

Moisture in hearing instruments can be detrimental to the clarity and life of the hearing aid. That's why our hearing aid dryers and dehumidifiers are so important — they work hard to efficiently wick away moisture and keep your hearing aid as sanitary as possible. We carry products that are designed to dry hearing instruments of all shapes and sizes, including cochlear impants, BTE, ITE, CIC and Lyric. Whether you're searching for a simple, inexpensive solution or a more intensive drying system with a germicidal lamp, all of our products in this section are designed to keep the hearing instrument's clarity crisp and prolong its life.

18 products found in Electronic Hearing Aid Dryers

Dry-Brik II Desiccant
SKU: 3339
PerfectClean Solution Refill
SKU: 1199 R
PerfectDry Lux - Hearing Aid Disinfection and Drying System
SKU: 1198
Serene Innovations ReNew Hearing Aid Dryer & Freshener
SKU: 3331
PerfectDry Lux ZPower Dry & Charge
SKU: 1225
Dry & Store Global II
SKU: 3317
PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System
SKU: 1199
Dry & Store UV Bulb
SKU: 3318 B
BUNDLE OFFER - PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System + FREE Refill
PerfectDry QR - Hearing Aid Drying System
SKU: 1197
DryBoost UV
SKU: 1272
PerfectDry Smart Dryer
SKU: 1226
Zephyr by Dry & Store
SKU: 3334
Zephyr + Dry-Brik 3pk Bundle
SKU: 3334 B
Dry Dome
SKU: 3329
Case of 16 Customizable Zephyrs by Dry & Store
SKU: 3334 C
Case of 12 Customizable Dry & Store Global II
SKU: 3317 C
SKU: 1205