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Announcing the New ADCO Exclusive Bluetooth Tinnitus Therapy System!

With over 10 years of experience in marketing, product development and business strategy, Abby is dedicated to bringing ADCO to new heights and developing a greater sense of community for all of our customers. Click here to read more.

Announcing the New ADCO Exclusive Bluetooth Tinnitus Therapy System!

Tinnitus—a condition most commonly associated with ringing in the head or ears—affects more than 50 million people worldwide, yet for many the options to alleviate this ringing are a mystery. At ADCO Hearing Products we are committed to helping our customers and those in our community develop a better understanding of tinnitus and the treatments available, so that they can find the relief they need to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

As part of this commitment, we work closely with the world's leading manufacturers of tinnitus therapy maskers and sound machines to bring you the best solutions to this life-altering condition. In partnership with Sound Oasis, we are thrilled to announce the addition of ADCO’s new exclusive Bluetooth Tinnitus Therapy System. This revolutionary tinnitus masker and Bluetooth speaker is designed to help those who are experiencing ringing, buzzing, hissing, clicking, or any of the other sounds commonly associated with tinnitus.

So—what makes this masker so unique?

· The Included micro-SD card is preloaded with 20 eight-hour tracks developed specifically for tinnitus therapy

· Exceptional sound and super compact size (2.6” tall, 2.5” in diameter) make it perfect for use at home or while traveling

· Stream new sounds or music from any Bluetooth enabled device (iPhone/iPod/iPad/MP3) for exceptional versatility

· Insert a new micro SD card with SoundOasis sounds to use this as a sleep therapy machine

· 30 foot Bluetooth wireless range

· Built-in rechargeable lithium battery allows for 5-8 hours of continuous, cordless use on one charge

The combination of amazing sound quality and very small size is unique in the world of tinnitus maskers, allowing its users to take the device virtually anywhere. The situations where those suffering from tinnitus experience greater discomfort can vary greatly from patient to patient, and with the small size of the BST-100, you can easily move from your bed to your workplace and anywhere in between*, knowing that relief is there with you wherever and whenever you may need.

“As a rule, patients with tinnitus find that their tinnitus seems much louder and more intrusive in a quiet room or when their ears are blocked. It is a common observation that sound provides help for tinnitus.”

Dr. Pawel J. Jastreboff Professor, Department of Otolaryngology Emory University School of Medicine

The sound generator that is included with the Bluetooth Tinnitus Therapy System takes this incredibly powerful device to new levels, providing multiple high range frequencies built right into the music. The tinnitus therapy sound card is a combination of sounds developed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson—one of the world’s leading experts in sound therapy.

“What I have produced for Sound Oasis is the most advanced approach to tinnitus therapy sounds that anyone has ever attempted with fixed pre-recorded tracks. Each track has multiple high range frequencies built right into the music so it is more palatable to play—during the day or to sleep with at night.”

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

Founder, Center for Neuroacoustic Research, California

In addition, this sound card includes a number of relaxing “nature only” sounds, providing masking therapy as well as customized versions of white noise targeting specific and general tinnitus frequencies.

The full sound card includes:

· Ocean Surf - Ocean surf provides a calm rhythm that helps you drift off to sleep or creates a relaxing oceanside environment.

· Rain - A gentle rainfall provides a peaceful setting for relaxation and sleep. The shower sound is particularly good at masking higher toned sounds.

· Stream - A rippling mountain stream helps you unwind and creates an excellent background sound for daily activities in the home or at the office.

· White Noise 4K - The steady flow of a cascading waterfall at 4,000 Hz is perfect as a “natural white noise" for masking unwanted background sounds and common tinnitus frequencies.

· White Noise 6K - The steady flow of a cascading waterfall at 6,000 Hz is perfect as a “natural white noise" for masking unwanted background sounds and common tinnitus frequencies.

· Full Spectrum - A steady white noise covering a full 1,000 to 10,000 Hz range provides a broad frequency range for tinnitus management.

· Thera 1 1K - 10K (Dr. Thompson) - Targets peak masking frequencies from 1,000 - 10,000 Hz.

· Thera 2 1K - 10K (Dr. Thompson) - Targets masking frequencies from 1,000 - 10,000 Hz with multiple peak emphasis areas.

· Thera 3 1K - 10K (Dr. Thompson) - A similar sound that targets masking frequencies from 1,000 - 10,000 Hz with multiple peak emphasis areas.

· Thera 2.5K - 5K (Dr. Thompson) - Targets masking frequencies with peaks between 2,500 - 5,000 Hz.

· Thera .9K - 3.2K (Dr. Thompson) - Targets major masking frequencies from 900 - 3,200 Hz.


We are proud to offer the new Bluetooth Tinnitus Therapy System as the newest addition to our product collection. This partnership between ADCO Hearing Products and Sound Oasis is a new chapter in our ongoing mission to provide superior products and service to our customers and professional partners nationwide. To order this ground-breaking product now, click here.

*Due to the relaxing and calming nature of the soundtracks used with this product, it is not recommended for use while driving or operating machinery.

More about the author: As a veteran, Abby brings a unique perspective to the dedication that ADCO has in providing assistance to our military, and the many organizations and facilities that help support military families. With a BA in Marketing and an MBA in Business Strategy, her education provides a stronger foundation for ADCO to achieve new heights and get one step closer to being the leader in our industry. Outside of work Abby enjoys spending time with her two young boys and husband, usually up in the mountains enjoying the beauty of Colorado.

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