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How to Choose the Right Cordless Amplified Telephone

One of the most frequent phone calls we receive here at ADCO is in regards to our phone selection. At first glance, this is quite overwhelming. Not only are there so many options, but its difficult to narrow down the selection when you're new to the world of amplified phones to begin with. 

Cordless phones are far more popular that corded phones, so for this article we're going to focus exclusively on this category. Before we go further, let's address one term you'll most definitely come across on our website - the expansion handset

An expansion handset is an amazing accessory to most of our cordless telephones. This accessory allows you to place additional phones throughout your home and not be tied to available phone lines/jacks. The expansion handsets require ONLY an outlet for power, and then receive the phone signal from the base phone, which is why they will only work when used as an ADDITIONAL phone - you must purchase the main telephone for the expansions to function. Since almost all cordless telephones that we offer do have this expansion option, we're going to exclude this as a means to narrow down your hunt for the perfect phone (but if you have questions, please contact us!) 

 There are three categories that will help narrow down your selection, to a manageable number of options: 

Filter 1: Bluetooth 

This is the newest option in terms of phone features, and is rapidly increasing in popularity. This feature allows you to pair your Bluetooth enabled smart phone to your home phone, and make/receive calls (from your cell phone) on your amplified home telephone. CLICK HERE to view our collection of Bluetooth Cordless Telephones. 

Filter 2: Answering Machines 

Arguably the most important feature selection once you've decided on a cordless telephone. An integrated answering machine is pretty self explanatory, and an important option for anyone concerned about missing calls while you're not at home. CLICK HERE to view our collection of cordless telephones that include a built-in answering machine. 

Filter 3: Wall Mounting Options

Often overlooked but always in high demand - the option to mount the phone on your wall will free up valuable counter space and allow you to attach the phone directly to your wall. CLICK HERE to view cordless phones with this option. 

After you've explored all of these filtering options, if you find that you still have questions or  need assistance in finding the perfect phone, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our product experts are happy to assist you in making the right selection to meet your needs. 

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