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Is Buying Electronic Hearing Protection Beneficial?

There are several different kinds of earplugs, including those that are single-use, multiple-use, banded, and corded. If you frequently transition between a noisy environment and a quiet one, such as between the shooting range and the lobby of your range, banded or corded earplugs are recommended. Due to the fact that they do not need to be rolled to fit in your ear, multi-purpose earplugs are simpler to use. Earplugs can be passive or electric. You can hear your range master's instructions thanks to electronic earplugs, which magnify softer sounds. Some of these earplugs have individual volume settings and integrated microphones. Upgrade to electronic hearing protection instead of conventional ear protection for improved performance. Continue reading to learn more about the top three advantages of electronic hearing protection.

Importance of Hearing Protection

By shielding your ears from potentially harmful noise that is always present around you, ear protection helps to preserve your hearing. Safeguarding your ears is a crucial component of protecting your hearing from these damaging noises because prolonged exposure to these loud noises can result in substantial long-term damage that only becomes worse with time.

Who Needs Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is a requirement if you operate in a noisy setting. The understanding of hearing health is less widespread than other health issues, but it is more delicate than you might think. While noise levels of 70 decibels are regarded as safe, anything more than this could harm your hearing, and noise levels of 85 dB or above can have serious effects on your hearing. To keep yourself safe, you must wear the appropriate hearing protection. However, since not everyone is always exposed to loud noises, it is crucial to determine whether you require hearing protection.

Why Switch to Electronic Hearing Protection

  • Quality Hearing and Improved Safety

The main benefit for switching to electronic hearing protection is this. Electronic hearing protection muffles harsh noises that can hurt our ears while boosting gentler sounds like voices. This will enable you to converse with someone on the range at a reasonable volume without shouting or taking off your ear protection. This function might be particularly useful while taking a shooting lesson because it will be simple for you to hear the instructor's commands even with hearing protection.

  • Slimmer Design

Comparatively speaking, over-the-ear electronic plugs often have a slimmer design. Slimmer electronic ear protection is less likely to obscure your cheek weld, which is extremely helpful when shooting long guns. The strong connection that your cheek should have with the top of your stock is known as a "cheek weld." A solid cheek weld should let your dominant eye to comfortably see directly into your scope or sights when properly adjusted. A good cheek weld can affect how quickly you find targets, but more importantly, it can affect how accurately you shoot.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
This third benefit falls under the category of "good to have," rather than "need to have," but it still counts. Electronic ear plugs are widely available with the majority of versions costing between $60 and $160. Many of them come with Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to take a call or listen to music without having to leave the range. The electronic ear plugs' ability to connect to Bluetooth will have the most impact on price.
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