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The Importance of Properly Maintaining Your Hearing Aids

Have you experienced a fuzzy or distorted sound in your hearing aid? Or perhaps intermittency, shorter battery life or frequent static? If you answered yes, chances are your hearing aid needs to be cleaned.

Moisture and cerumen (earwax) buildup can be detrimental to the performance and lifespan of your hearing aid. In fact, hearing aid manufacturers report that as many as 50% of hearing aid repairs are due to moisture and earwax! Prevent this from occurring, save time, and avoid costly repairs by adding a quick maintenance routine to your day.

Proper care and maintenance of your hearing device is crucial regardless of the type of device you are using. The cost of maintaining your hearing aid is drastically less costly than the cost of hearing aid repairs. Proper maintenance can even extend the battery life! At ADCO we review every product that is added to our selection. This allows us to not only help you in finding the best possible product, and it also sets certain products apart from others. To help you get off to the best maintenance schedule possible, we have compiled a list of our favorite cleaning products that we recommend.

MOISTURE and the destruction of your hearing aid…

Moisture can destroy the microphones and/or receiver (speaker) in your hearing device, and clog the tubing for BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aids. Moisture can result from the obvious exposure to the elements, but perspiration is also a factor that is commonly overlooked. If you live in a humid environment, this is even more of a factor – the combination of humidity and perspiration can prove to be detrimental to your hearing device.

Now let’s be honest – you’re not going to remove your hearing aid if you happen to be outside on a particularly humid day or while enjoying a brisk walk that results in perspiration. So how can you eliminate the moisture that is accumulating on your hearing aid? The answer is quite simple – a hearing aid dryer. At ADCO, we recommend that anyone who has made an investment in their hearing aid, protect their hearing instrument with a quality hearing aid dryer. Here are our four favorites: · The Global II is our top pick, as it not only addresses the moisture issue but it also takes care of the germs and mold that grow as a result of the moisture/perspiration thanks to the included UV-C germicidal lamp. · The Zephyr is second on our list. This electronic dryer expertly removes the moisture and dries earwax with the simple push of a button. · The Dry Caddy Kit is a popular product – the disposable disks keep hearing aids in top condition while the convenient canister doesn’t require any electricity, battery power or anything other than a lid to keep your hearing device performing optimally.

· For anyone who travels or leaves home for extended periods of time, we also recommend keeping a small drying jar on hand such as the ADCO Drying Jar. This convenient jar will fit in your bag or suitcase and allow you to maintain your hearing aid on the go.

Including a dryer in your hearing aid maintenance routine will result in fewer repairs, better sound quality, longer battery life and relief from itchy ears.

EARWAX, dirt, and debris

Earwax can plug your hearing aid and interfere with the sound transmission. Even the smallest amount of earwax or dirt can have a negative impact on the performance of your hearing device. Cleaning this dirt and wax out doesn’t need to be a big ordeal – here are our top picks: · The Serene Hearing Aid Vacuum is a handheld, battery powered vacuum that effortlessly removes earwax, dirt, and debris from your hearing aid.

· For a low-cost alternative, tools such as a wax loop and cleaning brush can do the trick. We recommend the Hearing Aid Maintenance Kit, which includes both tools, plus a battery magnet, battery tester and a hearing aid pouch. · If you prefer a disposable option, we recommend the Nanoclean fine instrument cleaners, which are designed to keep your hearing aids clean and free of dirt – then just toss it in the garbage when you are through.

EARMOLDS – eliminating discomfort

If you have an earmold, you are likely familiar with the discomfort that can result from the friction or even a slight amount of dirt or earwax. Maintaining earmolds is even easier than the hearing aid! · Start with a cleaning spray that is designed specifically for earmolds - simply spray it on and wipe it off.

· If you experience any sort of discomfort, even if it is only occasional, we recommend Miracell. One drop of Miracell ProEar will eliminate irritated itchy ears.

You have made the decision to invest in your hearing. Now protect your investment by properly caring for your hearing aids and prolonging their lifespan. Easily eliminate frustration that occurs when they aren’t functioning properly and save money by avoiding costly repairs.

All of the products that we have outlined today are ones that we stand behind. If you have questions about these or any other products that we sell, please contact us – we are more than happy to help you put together a maintenance plan that works for your budget and lifestyle.

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