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Understanding Tube Dimensions

Earmold tubing is commonly used and replaced by patients at home, yet finding the correct tube size is not always the easiest task. The information in this article serves as a resource to better understand the inner dimensions (ID) and outer dimensions (OD) of the earmold tubing that we sell here at ADCO. However, the best resource is your audiologist - asking them what the correct size of tubing is for your particular hearing aids will save you a lot of trial-and-error. 

Tubing comes in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors. You can order tubing with or without locks, and you can ever order hot pink tubes if you'd like. However, regardless of what style or color tubing you prefer, the SIZES will remain the same. 

For the sake of narrowing down your search if you're unable to obtain information from your audiologist, the 13M (medium) size tubing is most popular, followed by 13T (thick). However, this does NOT mean that your hearing aids will use these sizes, and we can make no guarantee of compatibility without sizing information from your hearing healthcare professional. 

The following size chart lists all available sizes and both the inner and outer dimensions of each: 


Not all styles of tubing are available in all of the sizes seen above. If you need assistance in finding the correct style, please call our product experts at 800-726-0851. 

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