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Adjustable Window Communication Masks

At ADCO we believe you should never have to choose between safety and effective communication. Our window communication masks were designed to be an effective way to meet face covering requirements without compromising on the ability to enjoy communication and conversation.

Is the Adult Window Communication mask right for you?

  • MACHINE WASHABLE! Don't mess around with poorly made masks that won't stand up to machine washing. We've tested our masks in the washing machine over 100 times without any damage. Proper washing helps to ensure that you are keeping yourself and your family healthy - and that isn't easily accomplished with hand washing.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST - Thanks to our amazing cord lock system, this mask is designed to fit most adults, including some teens. Take a look at our FIT GUIDE to see if this might work best for you instead of our adult mask (PRO TIP: If you are petite, our kids mask might be the perfect fit for you - it's a best-seller among many petite adults and seniors)


Our team is always happy to help. If we're online, the chat button will appear in the lower right corner of your screen. Otherwise please feel free to call us at 800-726-0851 or email and a member of our team will gladly assist you.


Important Info & FAQs

Washing Instructions

Our masks were designed to be machine washable. This not only makes your life easier, but it helps keep you and your family healthy by properly eliminating the dirt, germs and viruses that may have come into contact with your mask.

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash on warm water using a mild detergent (whatever you use to wash your clothing works great!). DO NOT BLEACH. Air dry.

Note: We have tested these masks against accidental drying. If you toss your mask in the dryer on accident, it likely will not destroy it. However, these masks were not designed to be put into the dryer on a routine basis as that level of heat will significantly decrease the lifespan of both the vinyl and the elasticity of the binding.

(De)Fogging FAQ

Let's be honest - fogging is awful. Unfortunately it's also very common with window masks. Why? Because vinyl and your breath are not friends. This doesn't mean you have bad breath - it means that the heat from your exhale combined with the moisture creates fogging. While there ARE fog-resistant plastics on the market, they cannot be machine washed. We chose to continue the use of vinyl to not only ensure YOUR safety (by allowing proper washing and care), but make it possible for you to toss your mask in the washing machine - saving you time and decreasing stress.

So - there are options to troubleshoot. Here are our favorites but this is not an exhaustive list and we'd LOVE to hear your thoughts and DIY tricks!

OPTION 1: DIY Perfection. Chances are, you have a bottle of BLUE Dawn dish soap in your kitchen. Put one drop on the INSIDE of your CLEAN mask and spread it around (make sure you go edge to edge) and allow it to dry. Be patient - we recommend leaving it overnight. Then simply buff it off (do NOT wash it off). While we're not real sure why this works, its definitely our favorite solution. Check out our Mask Care Kit (that includes Dawn!)

OPTION 2: Defogging Wipes. There are A LOT of these on the market, designed for goggles and glasses. We've tested a lot, and found that many have a very toxic smell. Granted, they weren't designed for masks - they were designed for goggles. We found that the PDI SeeClear wipes worked the best AND didn't leave behind any foul odor. They dry very fast, and also work beautifully if you do happen to wear glasses.  

OPTION 3: Defogging Drops. Much like the wipes, these were designed for glasses and goggles. Unfortunately though they are many times very costly, and we found that many of them don't actually work. We found one that we felt worked the best out of all that we tried (and we tried quite a few!). One drop is all it takes, and the bottle fits conveniently in your purse or pocket, making it great for work or school. Check out the Optix-55 Anti-Fog Treatment

Warranty & Returns

At ADCO we guarantee all of our products arrive to you in perfect condition. We are committed to your satisfaction, whether you're buying assistive technology or a window mask. If your mask arrives in less than perfect condition please email us a photo to and we will make sure you receive a replacement right away.

Unfortunately these and all masks that we sell are final sale. This is for the health and safety of our team and our customers across the country. We appreciate your understanding, and if we can assist you in making a confident purchase decision prior to placing your order please do not hesitate to call 800-726-0851 or email us at

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