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hearing loop (also known as an audio induction loop) is a device that transmits a magnetic signal to hearing aids and other assistive devices. This allows individuals who are hard of hearing to receive clear sound directly to their hearing aids with t-coil.

We even have the new Pocketalker 2.0 and Comfort Duett with technology that allows you to tap into hearing loops without tele-coil hearing aids.

Our collection of induction loop and neckloop systems features some of the most popular products on the market today - including Bluetooth neckloops. Whether you're searching for a portable induction loop receiver or a product that's designed to help you hear better while driving, our goal is to help you experience the best possible sound quality from your assistive device.

8 products found in Induction Loops & Neckloops

HLR III Induction Loop Receiver
SKU: 6743
Loop Pad for Microloop
SKU: 6744
Microloop Car Kit
SKU: 6745
InfoLoop Portable Loop System with Countertop Microphone
SKU: 6747
Oval Window Microloop III Wire
SKU: 6742
Oval Window Clip-On Lavaliere Microphone
SKU: 6749
Williams Sound PLM 001 Power Loop Mat
SKU: 6600
Artone Mic+ Wireless Microphone
SKU: 6794