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Serene Innovations has been a well-known manufacturer of high-quality telephones and notification devices for decades and ADCO proudly represents their entire product offering. Their Central Alert home notification system is our best-selling and most-recommended solution for those looking for event and emergency notification through flashing lights and/or a bed shaker. For assistance in creating the perfect notification solution for your home, please contact us at 800-726-0851. 

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CentralAlert CA-360 Receiver and Remote Receiver CA-RX Bundle
SKU: 6555C
Serene Innovations HC-200 Hearing Aid Vacuum
SKU: 3139
Serene Innovations VA3 Vibrating Alarm Clock
SKU: 6281
Serene Innovations Expansion Handset CL-65HS
SKU: 6274 H
CentralAlert Door Chime / Intercom And Door Knocking Sensor Model CA-DX
SKU: 6549
Serene Innovations Sereonic Alert CA360Q - Receiver ONLY
SKU: 7635
Serene RF-105 Super Loud Ringer/Flasher
SKU: 6463
Portable Wireless TV SoundBox by Serene Innovations
SKU: 6545
Serene Innovations UA-50HS Headset
SKU: 6235
Serene Innovations Jumbo-Key Amplified Telephone Model HD-60J
SKU: 6280
Serene Innovations Amplified Corded Phone Model HD-60
SKU: 6292

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Serene Innovations Amplified Corded Phone with Large Display Model HD-65
SKU: 6365
CentralAlert Storm Warning Alert Model CA-NOAA
SKU: 6550
CentralAlert Lamp Flasher Model CA-LX
SKU: 6552
CentralAlert SOS Emergency Help Button Model CA-SOS
SKU: 6556
CentralAlert Pager/Receiver Model CA-PX
SKU: 6558
CentralAlert Wearable Notification System
SKU: 7221
CentralAlert Extra Wireless Doorbell Model CA-DB
SKU: 6555D