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When it comes to assistive signaling systems, Sonic Alert is one of the best brands to trust. Our selection features the Sonic Alert alarm clockbaby crydoorbell and phone signaler options that are guaranteed to improve the lives of the hard of hearing and elderly. Many of the Original Sonic Alert's signaling options do not require the use of a primary receiver, making this brand a reliable and cost-effective solution for many households. Whether you’re looking for a flashing light to alert you of a ringing phone or visual notifications for the doorbell, our collection of innovative products from Sonic Alert is bound to have something you'll absolutely love.

Original Sonic Alert transmitters and receivers can communicate with the new Sonic Alert HomeAware system via the Bridge Unit. The Original Sonic Alert transmitted through the home's electricity while the Sonic Alert HomeAware System uses radio frequency (proprietary D-RF Secure Technology), with up to one thousand feet between a transmitter and the primary base. Additional HomeAware receivers extend the range another 1,000 feet which can provide the limitless range for your home or business.