When you seem to be losing your sense of hearing, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and confused. It is a common problem among Americans, and yet many do not fully understand the use of hearing aids and how you may benefit from them . This FAQ will serve as a guide for you or your loved ones, whether or not you are suffering from hearing loss.

These are small electronic devices that are commonly placed to fit in or around your ear. They have three parts namely the microphone, processor, and speaker. The microphone is responsible for picking up sound. The processor, on the other hand, filters and amplifies the sound depending on the hearing loss problem. Lastly, the speaker is the part that delivers the processed sound into your ear.

If you have been diagnosed right away of your hearing loss problem and you have been recommended to wear hearing aids immediately thereafter, you will get used to wearing hearing aids relatively quickly. For others who are suffering from untreated hearing loss for a long time, the adjustment period may be much longer for you. The reason for this lies in the fact that the brain itself takes time to adjust to sounds that you have already forgotten.

It is as simple as listening to what the hearing care provider says. At ADCO, we recommend that you start wearing your hearing aids for a few hours a day, increasing the time until you get used to wearing them all day. Patience is the key to making the adjustment period more bearable. Should you have any struggles during the adjustment period, do not hesitate to call us or your hearing care provider.

While hearing aids themselves do not have side effects, the adjustment period while you get used to wearing them may come with some temporary challenges. Pain or discomfort behind the ears or in the ear canal is normal during this adjustment period depending on the type of hearing aid you are using, but there are products to assist both short and long term that alleviate this discomfort.  You should not experience any bleeding or severe pain associated with the use of hearing aids, and if you do experience this you should contact your Audiologist right away. If at any point you find your ears are itching, this is usually due to bacterial build-up. This can be easily addressed with simple cleaning techniques that our team here at ADCO can easily assist you with. 

Hearing aids are made to help you hear better, but note that it is just one of the tools that you can make use of. While hearing aids are not going to fully replicate your hearing prior to your hearing loss, they often make profound improvements in the lives of patients using them. However, you may find that certain situations make it slightly more difficult to hear clearly, for instance, a crowded place, or a noisy celebration around. 

Hearing aids do more than replicating sounds around you.  These devices also help in reducing anxiety, depression, and even loneliness later on. They can even help delay the onset of dementia. There are ongoing studies about how hearing aids help benefit you that extend far beyond addressing your hearing loss. 

If you have any other questions needing answers which were not covered above, feel free to contact us today!