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There are plenty of things to learn when it comes to hearing loss. Resources like the following will help understand the condition better for you or a loved one:

Understanding Hearing Loss

Sometimes, it all starts with not being able to recognize the sounds you hear, or not being able to hear the usual high-pitched tones of women or children in the home or in the community. If you think the once familiar voices are no longer audible on you or your loved one, LEARN by understanding hearing loss.

Type and Cause of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can affect anyone, regardless of age. Depending on the type you or your loved ones are suffering from, different factors are considered common causes for hearing loss. LEARN the three basic types of hearing loss and what actually causes them.

Hearing Loss Symptoms

You may have recognized the fact that something is off with your hearing, as if thinking people mumble too much, or your spouse is no longer speaking to you as often as in the past. Do not wait until your hearing has diminished further. LEARN hearing loss symptoms before the situation worsens.

Hearing Loss Prevention

Age and noise are two common reasons why people lose their hearing. Why wait for that to happen when you can do something about it from the very start? Discover and LEARN hearing loss prevention tips to help you with.

Hearing Loss Treatment

In the world of hearing loss, there is no such thing as a one solution fits all treatment. Hearing loss treatments vary depending on the type you are suffering from. LEARN when it is time to work with a professional or get a hearing aid.