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Sonic Boom Alarm Clock SB1000

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock SB1000

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Wake up to Flashing Light and/or Sounding Alarm - you pick!

  • Extremely loud, pulsating alarm with adjustable tone and volume controls up to 113dB - sound can also be turned off
  • Built-in outlet will accommodate any lamp up to 200 watts
  • Jack available for powerful 12-volt bed shaker - cord over 6 feet long for your convenience (select the Sonic Alert Alarm Clock & Bed Shaker Combo if bed shaker desired)
  • Acts as a remote receiver when used with Sonic Alert transmitters (doorbell, landline phone/videophone, baby cry)
  • Function switch selection of any combination of sound, light, or vibration - when used with optional vibrator
  • Contemporary design, large green LED display, snooze button
  • Battery back-up for alarm time (battery not included)

Five-year manufacturer's warranty

The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock has a built-in receiver to automatically receive the wireless signals from the remote transmitters - TR55, TR75, DS700, BC400 and USS360.

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