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Amplified Phone Resource Guide

If you are living with any degree of hearing loss, you’ve likely noticed that phone conversations have become more difficult. This reproduced sound, combined with other factors such as static, can make it virtually impossible to have an enjoyable conversation for many. While you’ve likely seen commercials or advertisements for phones that provide captioning or extra-large buttons, you may not already know that the vast majority of hearing assistance telephones actually look like any other telephone.  

 If you’re struggling to enjoy telephone conversations, or avoid them altogether due to your hearing loss, then this guide is for you.

 First, let’s discuss HOW you will benefit from an amplified telephone, or hearing assistance telephone.

  • Hearing loss isn’t always about amplification. Yes, this article is technically about AMPLIFIED telephones, but this category of product is so much more. For many of you, the frequency of the sound is equally as important as the volume. Tone control, which is available on almost all amplified telephones, allows you to actually change the frequency of the caller’s voice, making it easier for you to hear. When combined with amplification, this can make a very significant improvement in your ability to enjoy telephone conversations once again.
  • Once you set these phones up to meet your needs for most calls, you will then have the option to utilize a “boost” button on many of them. This provides a one-time boost in amplification that reverts to your normal settings once you hang up that call. This means that you’ll be able to very easily adapt to the needs of inbound calls as needed.
  • Communication is important! Depending on how long you’ve been struggling with phone calls, you may not realize the impact that it has had on you. The inability to communicate effectively (and enjoyably!) has a profound impact on your total health. By addressing these issues head-on with simple solutions like an amplified telephone, you can avoid these consequences all together.

Now, once you’ve made the decision to purchase an amplified telephone, you may find it overwhelming due to the number of options. Before you start shopping, here are a couple of questions to ask yourself in advance:

  • Do I want a corded or cordless telephone?
  • Do I want additional (amplified) handsets to use around the home?
  • Do I need features such as an answering machine, caller ID, or speakerphone?
  • What is my level of hearing loss TODAY and is that likely to become more significant in the next couple of years? (This is an important question. While you may have mild hearing loss today, if that hearing loss is worsening, it is best to purchase a phone with more power than what you need today so that it will still be a solution for you in the next couple of years).

Armed with your answers to these four questions, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect amplified phone to meet YOUR needs.

For assistance with a couple of our most frequently requested amplified telephone features, we also have this article just for you! How to Choose the best Amplified Cordless Telephone.

As always, our team is happy to help you in finding the perfect product. Whether you have one question or 100, please contact us – we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase decision.

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