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Versatile Amplified Stethoscope

The best amplified stethoscope available was not designed with hearing aids in mind – yet it is the most versatile amplified stethoscope for individuals with hearing loss (see below). The Thinklabs One stethoscope was designed based on feedback of over 20,000 clinicians. As the first digital amplified stethoscope, it is designed with simple volume control, tone adjustment, and even the capacity to visually see heart and lung sounds on smart phones and tablets.

Thinklabs One offers the capacity to easily toggle between two frequency filtering systems – mimicking the bell and diaphragm of a stethoscope.

The amplification has a range of 1-10. Volume range of 1 - 5 is for individuals without hearing loss. The upper range of 7 - 10 amplifies more than 100x the decibels of regular stethoscopes.

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