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Hearing Aid Grip

Hearing Aid Grip

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Does your hearing aid frequently slide around, even when you're just walking or doing some light activity? With the Hearing Aid Grip, you'll never have to experience this annoying discomfort again thanks to its cushioned pads that securely hold your hearing aid in place. 

Product Features

  • Cushioned pads comfortably hold hearing aid in place
  • Folding WINGZ™ on either side provide stability and comfort
  • Medical grade hypoallergenic adhesive
  • Accommodates most open-fit RIC and BTE hearing aids
  • Sold in packs of 30


I bought a package of these and while they do a good job of retaining the hearing aid to your ears (and I was able to use them for 4 days before the sticky was nothing working well) Getting the sticky off the hearting aid is virtually impossible! Alcohol is of no use. You have to just keep rubbing and rubbing to get it all removed. If you were putting more of them on right afterwards maybe it isnt a big deal. I wont be buying any more of them.



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