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Serene UA-50 Phone Amplifier

Serene Home and Business Phone Amplifier Model UA-50

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If you want an amplified phone but don't want to shell out the cash, the Serene Home and Business Phone Amplifier Model UA-50 is the product for you. This useful piece of technology transforms practically any corded telephone into an amplified phone by connecting between the phone handset and its base, making it up to 200 louder than normal. 

Never strain to hear another phone conversation again with the Serene Home and Business Phone Amplifier. This handy device replaces your phone's cord and features an easy-to-use dial that controls volume and tone, allowing you to hear conversations up to 45dB louder without distortion. Tone Enhancement technology provides clearer dialogue, while the Gain Control feature helps you achieve a listening level that's comfortable for you. Users can easily toggle between headset and handset with a designated button, making this product a great option for either home or office use. Works with an AC adapter (included) and 9V alkaline battery (optional, not included). An automatic shut-off feature helps to save battery life when no sound is detected for more than 15 seconds. 

  • Offers up to 45 dB amplification
  • Selectable digital tone enhancement
  • Automatic gain control optimizes sound level
  • Digital sound processing technology eliminates virtually all distortion, echoes, and unwanted static
  • AC adapter included, 9V battery optional


More information

The Serene Home and Business Phone Amplifier Model UA-50 is compatible with the following headsets:

  • Plantronics: H31N, H41N, H61N, H171N, H81N, H91N, H101N, H141N, H251N, H261N,
  • Hello Direct or GN Netcom: GN2110-ST, GN 2220 (All direct connect headset with smart cord)
  • ACS: OM (Orator) and ST (Stratus Ultra)
  • UNEX: F-100 and OPT-2N


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