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7 Reasons Seniors Should Choose Cordless Phones

If your aging parents or grandparents do not live in the same residence as you, it is important to regularly check up on them. Standard mobile phones, while portable, often have features that can be a hassle for those over the age of 65, which is why many recommend a cordless phone for seniors.

They Use Amplified Speakers

Hearing loss is a common occurrence in those who are advanced in age. As a consequence, they need devices that feature amplified sound so that it is easier for them to hear. The latest cordless phones come with built-in speakers that are amplified and capable of boosting caller identification sounds and ringing from twenty to forty-five decibels, which is five to six times higher than normal phones. The most advanced models even use features that block out background noise which can interrupt conversations.

They Have Large Screens and Buttons

Declining eyesight is another common part of aging. This can become problematic when the phone rings and grandparents have to find their glasses to see who is calling them. Cordless phones are built with larger fonts, buttons and screens which make it easier for your parents or grandparents to see the caller’s identity without having to strain.

Call Announce

This is a very important feature because it allows elders to know who is calling them before they go to pick up the phone. When the name and identity of the caller is announced, it can help your loved ones avoid wasting their time or energy answering fraudulent or unwanted calls and they won’t have to worry about straining their eyes trying to see whose name is on the caller ID screen.

Long Lasting Batteries

Cordless phones often come with batteries that last a long time before having to be recharged. Seniors who have memory issues, especially dementia or Alzheimer’s, will probably not remember to regularly recharge their batteries, but if they use long-lasting ones they will rarely have to.

Simple to Use

The last thing you want is to give your grandmother or grandfather a phone which is difficult to use. Instead, you want a brand that is user-friendly. General features to look for include bigger keys, color contrasting fonts and large displays. They should be simple to switch on and then off and look for models that use single dialing as well as volume adjustment.

Brightly Lit Screen and Keys

Cordless phones which are specifically designed for seniors usually come with LCD screens that are large and well lit. The keys will also feature large fonts which are colored to create contrast with darker keys to make the phone easier to dial.

Additional Features besides Communication

Aside from communications, the cordless phones you buy for aging parents and grandparents should come with other features, such as health monitors which can review the medical status of your loved ones. There are also models which feature security alarms and fire detectors that are directly linked to nearby police and fire departments in case an emergency ensues. Such features can potentially save and prolong lives.
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